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Even partial understanding of the structure of the Universe
is worth fighting for

The «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» Company is created not for the purpose of obtaining financial or material benefits.

The main goal of «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» is the search for new technologies to convert free energy into useful energy for the needs of the entire humanity, the introduction of these technologies to produce clean and affordable energy, the formation of a new society based on the rights of equality and justice.

To provide a fulfilling life of society in harmony with nature, and a comprehensive (spiritual, cultural, educational, physical, etc.) development of each individual in order to ensure the longest possible existence of humans as biological species.

The «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» Company with the purpose of exchanging experiences unites creative and self-motivated people from many countries who are involved in the search and experimental investigation of free energy and have their own vision of various physical processes and phenomena in nature, as well as a proper understanding of the future development of humankind. The company’s headquarters is located in the Republic of Ukraine, Lviv.

What is free energy? Free energy is the energy that is continuously formed in the process of functioning of the Universe. This energy of the Universe is eternal and infinite like the Universe. This energy is given by our Creator of the Universe and no one shall face restrictions concerning free access to it.

The energy of the sun, wind, and water is also a free energy for us which we use after converting it, as a rule, into electrical or thermal energy. When we burn hydrocarbons, mineral resources, etc., we also use the free energy found in the nature. Nuclear power is also the free energy transformation, because people do not spend extra energy on the formation of a radioactive atom of the chemical element.

All of these methods of converting free energy have their drawbacks. The sun and wind energy for people is not constant and depends on several factors. The use of the water energy is limited to a specific area. The burning of hydrocarbons, minerals and other substances pollutes the environment. The use of nuclear energy is dangerous and too expensive to operate.
Thus the major task of the technological breakthrough today is the search and introduction of new technologies, the so-called non-fuel generators that do not have the aforementioned drawbacks, and are environmentally friendly, safe, cost-free, inexhaustible, cheap in production and almost free to operate for consumers. As a result of a rational approach using the corresponding free energy conversion methods, our planet Earth is capable of complete and long-term support of at least 100 billion people, as well as the increase of their average life expectancy to not less than 100 years.

To achieve its goals «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» Company works in a variety of directions, including for the purpose of providing answers to the following key questions.

  • the model of the Universe, its structure and functioning;
  • the regularity of the originating, life and “death” process of an individual galaxy;
  • the regularity of the formation of stars and their systems, planets and their satellites, etc.;
  • the materialization of matter, the formation of atoms as well as their complete cycle of each phase of a galaxy functioning;
  • the actual structure of atom of a chemical element;
  • the main essence, the formation algorithm and the regularity of properties of chemical elements in the periodic table (series);
  • the structure of matter at the atomic and molecular level;
  • nuclear synthesis (connection) of atoms of chemical elements;
  • nuclear analysis (division) of atoms of chemical elements:
  • chemical synthesis. A cost-efficient way of formation of hydrocarbons using waste when burning them (premises heating, conversion of cars to use plain water);
  • instant complete splitting of all the protons of the atom during its induced splitting;
  • what is actually the electric current and voltage;
  • what is the electromagnetic field, its structure, what is its origin and where it disappears;
  • what physically happens to an atom and its structure during the passage of an electric current and voltage through it;
  • what gravity actually is, the formation of gravity and ways to overcome it;
  • how the magnetic field of the individual planets, stars, galaxies is actually formed and operates. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the appearance (disappearance) of this magnetic field.
  • interrelation between gravitation and magnetic field of celestial bodies;
  • the cost-efficient ways of moving people and cargoes in space (IFO – identified flying object);
  • how to convert potential energy into rotational energy;
  • conversion of cars to use non-fuel power generators;
  • production of ecologically clean and organic foods;
  • spiritual and physical health improvement of the human body as a whole system, preventive and other measures for the prevention of various diseases;
  • cost-efficient ways of getting drinking water on the territory where it is totally absent
  • purification of waste waters, soil and air from harmful substances;

Currently, the Company «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» has developed, designed and experimentally tested three ways to convert free energy into the electricity required. Figuratively they can be called the gravitational method (using the principle of gravity), the electromagnetic method (ether-dynamic) and the magnetic method (using permanent magnets without a counter force). Three projects at the stage of manufacturing of working samples. It is the chemical element synthesis (forming hydrocarbons using waste when burning them) the anti-gravitational method (the cost-efficient methods of movement of people and cargoes in space) and conversion of potential energy into useful kinetic energy. A few more new developments are at the stage of technical solution (transmutation – connection and division of atoms of chemical elements).

The Company «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» performs a comprehensive collection of information and analysis of any devices, installations or systems for the possibility of using them in the transformation of “free energy”. «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» may consider developing and implementing any other technical solution to order. Additionally, it is also possible to support a particular line of work or a specific device.

Sincerely Yours
The Team of «SVAROG FREE ENERGY» Inventors